Caatje Van Leeuwen


The captain and leader of the production of LEAVE is the accomplished film director, producer, and writer Caatje van Leeuwen. Caatje’s passion lies in telling slice-of-life stories that weave larger social issues with intimate glimpses into the relationships of everyday people. The result is a series of films that go beyond the inherent beauty of filmmaking as an art form to the beauty of life itself, inspiring hope from otherwise dark corners.

The founder of Amsterdam-based Sun Cat Productions and founding partner of Los Angeles-based Cinema Collaboratorium, Caatje is known for her short film WILLIAM, which screened at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2015, is a selectee for the LA International Film Festival 2016, and will screen at the LA FEMME Film Festival in Beverly Hills on October 21, 2016 (

Jeff Hammer


Jeff earned an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California and returned to USC to teach courses in Screenwriting and Production. He wrote, directed, and produced his debut feature Live or Die in La Honda, which was acquired and released by Freestyle Digital Media. He’s the producer of the original sci-fi series Personal Space, which premiered March 2018 on Amazon. It stars Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica), Kurt Yaeger (Sons of Anarchy), and the late, great Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) in his final role. Other producing credits include the feature film Curtiz, Grand Prize of the Americas (Best Film) winner at the 2018 Montreal International Film Festival, and the short film Leave, which premiered at the LA Femme International Film Festival. He’s the producer and co-writer on the upcoming feature film The Flight of Sam Wolf, which is currently in pre-production.

Michael Curran-Dorsano


Along with his acting career, Michael develops new and exciting original work at Cinema Collaboratorium, a production house he co-owns located in North Hollywood, California.

Colin Bates


After reading the short story “Leave,” it was Colin who had the initial vision, passion, and determination to bring the story to the screen. A highly skilled and naturally talented performing artist who has been a working actor since childhood, Colin provided the inspiration, encouragement, and industry insight required to both help fine-tune the script as well as instill his vision and passion for it within others who are now key to the film’s success.

Alex Cerda


Alex Cerda is a film Editor and Photographer based in East Los Angeles.

Kurt Brindley


Kurt is a retired sailor whose love of writing has helped him to weather seas fair and foul. He holds an undergraduate degree in English and a graduate degree in Human Relations. “Leave,” Kurt’s short story from which he adapted the screenplay for “LEAVE” the short film, as well as INSIDE THE SKIN, his debut novel about the harsh realities onboard a U.S. Warship during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era, were both informed greatly by his time served as a navy EO specialist.