A Short Film


It’s 1994 and the US military, thick into the implementation of a controversial policy allowing women select combat-related duties, is on the verge of war with Haiti. While onboard a warship that’s part of a battlegroup preparing to attack the hapless island nation, a sailor learns that his mother is sick. His efforts to be with her in her time of need are complicated, however, by both the looming war and the unwanted influx of the first female sailors to his ship. . .

We, the cast and crew of LEAVE, invite and encourage you to view our short, dramatic film that, while set nearly a quarter of a century ago on a United States warship, attempts to bring to light some of society’s most pressing issues of the day – patriarchy, gender discrimination, and misogyny – as told through the cinematic expression of an of an all-male navy crew that, as it prepares for war, is struggling to deal with the fact that their ship is about to receive its first female sailors.

It’s hardly a spoiler to say that the crew doesn’t deal with it very well and would much rather fight a war than have their ship invaded by women.

Our Vision for LEAVE when we first began working on it was to Create a Cinematic Work of Art that Entertains, Inspires Positive Change, and Sees beyond the Facts of History, Shining Light on the Inner Human Experience within. . .

Caatje van Leeuwen

My challenge and passion lies in telling the story in between the facts. A story about people and the different shades of fear each of them experiences within those facts of history. To shine light on these universal human elements that come to the surface in a certain situation and to let our audience feel compassion for they who speak cruel and for those who seem fearless… – Caatje van Leeuwen, Director